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Date: Mar. 14, 2005

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Toronto, Ontario -- Millstream Mines Ltd. (MLM - TSX-V) wishes to update its shareholders on the status of its gold properties; the Tamarack Property in Montana and the Koval Property in Northern Ontario..


Tamarack Project Madison County, Sheridan Montana U.S.A. area

Potential minerals: Gold and Silver


In the latter part of 2004, Millstream retained the services of geologist Cam Cheriton, PhD. (Economic Geology), a registered professional Engineer (Ontario) who is Millstream’s designated qualified person (QP) for the property.


Gold Fields Mining Corp., under option, in search of a potential open pit discovery, drilled 11 vertical reverse circulation holes on the Tamarack property. They reported, in 1991, results from the drilling and in their hole TR-2 gold assays of 0.244 oz. per ton (opt) over a 100 ft interval (see PR Oct. 06, 2004). Dr. Cheriton and management located a diamond drill hole DDH04-01 to be drilled 35 feet southwest of TR-2 to test and produce core of the horizons reported by Gold Field’s in TR-2.


Hole DDH04-01 was completed in December, 2004 and upon receiving the assay results Dr. Cheriton reviewed and compared the Gold Field assays of TR-2 and those of DDH04-01. Hole TR-2 reported a 20 ft. interval from 70ft to 90ft. having a weighted average grade of 0.97 opt, and hole DDH04-01 reported a 9 ft. interval from 102ft. to 111ft. having a weighted average grade of 0.36 opt. Dr. Cheriton interprets these stated gold intersections are part of an enriched blanket (zone) and recommends follow-up drilling to extend the geometry and confirm continuity (see PR Dec. 14 & 20, 2004).


Currently, locations for additional drilling are being staked and funding is being sourced to continue the investigation of the enriched blanket to the west and north of TR-2.


It is the Company’s view that there is a good possibility of discovering a relatively hi-grade deposit sufficient to support a low-tonnage operation to suit the existing infrastructure on the property. The property has road access, power transmission lines with sub-station, buildings and two separate mills that, if necessary, can be up-graded, and an assortment of equipment. The Company’s current plans are to try and support a gold production operation in the range of 150 to 200 tons per day.


The Tamarack Property was initially discovered in the 1860's and has been worked intermittently, both on surface and underground, up to the present time. The most dedicated undertaking of the property was carried out by Mr. Alexander Leggat, B.S., E.M., a professional mining engineer, from 1927 to 1937. During this period Leggat surveyed and assayed the past workings producing detailed plans of the mine and geology. Due to the lack of proper financing, he developed and ran the mine on a salvage type operation until he ran out of funds. In his final report, dated March 30, 1937, he expressed his findings and conclusions of the ore occurrence and characteristics. Leggat described the occurrence in the Broadgauge ore body of the Tamarack Property, below and above the 406 drift as "having the gold mainly in the limestone above the hanging wall of a large body of intruded porphyry, and the porphyry seems to carry low values for a considerable thickness. The main ore body, however, being the limestone, in which occur irregular pipes, streaks and bunches of a white, siliceous material, is rather porous, and is not vein quartz but is usually very rich with samples having assayed as high as 27 opt. The gold occurs in the rock absolutely free and very pure."


Koval  Project, District of Thunder Bay, Beckington Lake area, Northwest, Ontario

Potential Minerals: Gold


In the later part of April, 2004 the company increased its land position by staking an additional 4 mining claims consisting of 24 mining claim units surrounding the previously acquired, 3 leased mining claims (see below). It is the intention of the company to carry out, during the summer of 2005, an exploration program consisting of a surface geological investigation followed up by diamond drilling.


In 2004 the company negotiated a purchase/option agreement to acquire 3 leased mining claim units (PR April 8/04) on which considerable trenching, bulk sampling and shaft sinking to a vertical depth of 275 feet was completed during the 1933 to ’35 period. Also, during this time period, lateral development on the 125 ft. and the 250 ft. levels was carried out. All underground work ceased in 1935 due to lack of funds and as of the current date the underground has never been re-opened. Historic files report the main surface vein was traced over a strike length of approximately 1100 feet and significant portions of it were exposed underground on both the 125 ft. and the 250 ft. levels with visible gold reported throughout the development. A compilation of the historical data with current geological maps and reports is being carried out and a staged exploration program is being planned.  Access to the site is either by waterway or via land by vehicle and then 6 Km by ATV.  


The principle objective of Millstream Mines Ltd. is to enhance and develop known mineral properties within the North American Continent to production potential.


Millstream, further wishes to announce and remind the interested public of its web site location,



WARNING: The company relies upon litigation protection for "forward-looking" statements.


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