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Date: Mar. 5, 2004

Mar. 4, 2004 Close: $0.10




Toronto, Ontario – Millstream wishes to announce that it has approved Crowflight Minerals Inc.’s (50% JV Partner) proposed program of an Airborne EM survey (Megatem II) by Fugro Airborne Surveys to corroborate existing geophysical induced polarization (I.P.) targets established by Millstream and define other conductive zones of potentially associated Ni-Cu-PGM mineralization.


Crowflight’s reported surface geological mapping of the Sudbury Breccia (SB) zones in the Northern half of the Airport Property reveals SB trends 100 to 150 metres in width. An approximately 3 km long trend runs North-South and an approximate 1.5 km long trend runs Northeast branching off the North-South trend. The completed I.P./resistivity survey and diamond drilling confirm the downward extension of the SB. (PR Jan. 28, 04).


Millstream’s consultant, John Gingerich, P Geo., in his opinion, states that, “While there is some potential for offset-dyke style mineralization, the primary exploration focus is footwall type targets.  The footwall mineralization is typically of the highest grades in the Sudbury camp and in some cases has net smelter returns (NSR’s) greater than $1000/t. Given the high grade nature, a lens of only 50x100x20 metres can be economic in the upper 500 metres. The exploration guides to finding these types of targets have been to identify pathfinders to mineralizing events and use geophysical resistivity methods to find the typically much larger associated stringer and disseminated sulphide zones.  For deeper targets these zones are drill tested and then borehole EM programs are then used to help identify where the higher conductive aspects are located.  The intent is that the MEGATEM II program will help prioritize the known targets and potentially define others in areas not covered by previous work.”


Based on the results of the EM Megatem II survey, the next follow-up programs will be designed.


The Airport Property is located in the Sudbury Mining District, Ontario, Canada, just outside the east rim of the Sudbury Basin on the southeast horn of the Basin; and 1.2 Km east of Falconbridge Ltd.’s past producer, Norduna Mines, and 4 Km southeast of Falconbridge’s recent (Nickel Rim South) hi-grade Cu-Ni-Co-PGM discovery near to their past producer, Nickel Rim Mine (FL P.R. April 16, 2002, “the hi-grade intersection has a gross value of CDN$2,000/tonne”).


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The principle objective of Millstream Mines Ltd. is to enhance and develop known mineral properties to production potential.


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