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Date: Nov.15, 2004

Nov. 12, 2004 Close: $0.08




Toronto, Ontario -- Millstream Mines Ltd. (MLM - TSX-V) wishes to announce that it has currently completed downhole geophysics in selected drill holes on both its Potter Property, located in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Northern Ontario, and its Airport Property, located on the south eastern rim of the Sudbury Basin. The following is a summary of the results of these programs:


Downhole geophysical (EM) surveys were recently carried out on DDH’s (Diamond Drill Holes) S 97-06, S 99-01, and S 99-05.  All surveys utilized Crone Geophysics & Exploration Limited and were carried out under the supervision of Insight Geophysics Inc..


In DDH S 97-06, an off-hole anomaly was detected approximately 25 metres at an azimuth from the hole axis of 135 deg. at 55 metres downhole depth. Insight recommends that this geophysically significant anomaly warrants follow-up testing. DDH S97-06 is located at grid lines L8+65mw; 10+00ms, Azimuth 025, Dip -45, End of Hole (EOH) 681 ft.


In DDH S 99-01, a sub-parallel off-hole anomaly was detected below and to the east of the drill hole at 425 metres downhole depth. The indications of this anomaly if projected towards the drill hole would have the top near 300 metres and the bottom near 550 metres downhole depths. D.D.H S 99-01 is located at grid lines  L17+60mw; 8+75ms, Azimuth 345, Dip -60,  EOH 1002m.


In DDH S 99-05, a wedge branch off DDH S 99-01A which is a wedge off DDH S 99-01, the presence of in-hole massive sulphides mineralization was detected further downhole from the 1040 metres downhole mark. DDH S 99-05 is ended at a combined downhole depth of 1184m. The probe could go no further from this point due to blockage of the hole. Review of the drill hole logs and core assays confirmed further downhole an intersection of 23.29 metres of a sulphide mineralized zone having the highest assay values of 3.06% copper and 2.90% zinc.


The company management and consultants will be assessing the significance of these results and the follow-up work programs on the Potter property.



A downhole geophysical (EM) survey was recently carried out utilizing Crone Geophysics & Exploration Limited under the supervision of Insight Geophysics Inc.. The survey detected a weak off-hole anomaly approximately 125 metres south of the drill hole at 480 metres downhole depth. DDH M002 is located at grid lines 20N; 4+80E, Azimuth 270, Dip -60, EOH 627m.


Currently, the company with its Joint Venture partner, Crowflight Minerals Inc. are drilling other areas of the property and the decision to follow-up on the results of DDH M002 will be made at a later date.


The principle objective of Millstream Mines Ltd. is to enhance and develop known mineral properties to production potential.


Millstream, further wishes to announce and remind the interested public of its web site location,



WARNING: The company relies upon litigation protection for "forward-looking" statements.


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