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2008 NI 43-101 Initial Resource Calculation

To date, a total of seventy-one (71) diamond drill holes have been drilled on the Potter Project property of which a total of forty-six (46) diamond drill holes including wedged holes have been drilled specifically for exploration in the Potter Mine area. Twenty-five (25) diamond drill holes have been drilled on exploration targets elsewhere on the property away from the immediate Potter Mine area.

Based on the intersections of the forty-six (46) diamond drill holes and wedged holes a preliminary estimate of the size of the resource has been completed. A total of seven (7) massive to semi massive sulphide mineralized zones are geometrically arranged in a parallel to sub parallel stacked arrangement. The zones are identified from south to north as the Y Zone, the A Zone (down dip continuation of the Potter mined zone), the B Zone, the C Zone, the D Zone, the E Zone, and the F zone. (Please see Potter Geological Model below) Each of the mineralized zones are separated by barren unmineralized host rock. All seven (7) zones currently occur within the mine area along a strike length of 250 meters, lie within a horizontal across strike (stratigrahic) thickness of 225 meters, and occur within a vertical distance of 725 meters from +50 meters above sea level down to -675 meters below sea level.

The summary total for the indicated resource estimation for all the Y, A, B, C, D, E, F, zones is a total of 3,028,767 tonnes at 1.45% copper, 1.19% zinc, 389.7 ppm cobalt, 11.1 ppm silver, and 127.5 ppb gold. 

Additional to the indicated resource, the summary total for the inferred resource estimation for all the Y, A, B, C, D, E, F zones is a total of 2,071,101 tonnes at 1.08 % copper, 1.05 % zinc, 301.4 ppm cobalt, 8.7 ppm silver, and 81.7 ppb gold.

Geological Model of Potter VMS Deposit

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NI 43-101 Resources Report on Potter Property

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History Historical Overview of the Potter Mine (Southampton Assoc.,1999) (Coad,1976)
Archean VMS Deposit Data Relative tonnage and mineral grades of mines having a similar deposit model to that of Potter
Valuation of Potter Mine Property (Southampton Assoc.,1999)
Line Cutting Report on a Linecutting & Geophysical Program (Potter MineProperty) for The Harrison Group of Companies. (1996)
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AreaMap - (94kb) Property Map - (81kb) Core Sample #S98-01 - (77kb)
Claim Map - (166kb) Stratigraphy of Hole S97-09 - (87kb) Core Shack
Longitudinal View of Drill Program - (94kb) Horizontal View of Drill Program - (116kb)  

Potter 3-D Image Looking North - (37kb)

Potter 3-D Image Looking SE - (44kb)

Real Section Induced Polarization (I.P.) Maps

Vertical Sections
Chargeability & Resistivity
(Mine Area)
(Eastern Anomaly) Horizontal Sections
(@ 600 m Depth-AB=4km)
Line 1725W - (347kb) Line 525W - (361kb) Total Chargeabilty - (356kb)
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